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There are vast selections of materials available for signs to be made from. In addition there are various options to produce your lettering or graphics. The substrate and graphics choices are largely based on the environment that they will be used in and the budget of the customer.

Some of the more common substrates (many more are available) are as follows:

  • Coroplast: It comes in many different thicknesses and colors. It is the most affordable material. It is corrugated plastics. The channels between the flutes will be somewhat noticeable in the appearance of the finish of the sign.
  • PVC Board (plastic): It comes in white only. It does come in many different thicknesses. It has a smooth finish to the face. It is a mid price substrate.
  • Aluminum: Does come in various colors and thicknesses. It has a smooth finish to the face and is a mid to higher priced substrate. The color of the aluminum is produced with paint.
  • Alumalight: Is a thicker substrate that starts at ¼” thick. It is made up of 2 sheets of aluminum with a corrugated plastic center. It comes primarily in white with a smooth finish. It can be finished with a ¼ inch colored edge cap. The edge cap is larger on the thicker boards. It is a more expensive substrate but is very durable.
  • Diebond: Is approximately ¼” thick and comes in many different colors. It is comprised of a solid plastic core surrounded on both sides with aluminum sheets.
  • Lexan: Is a translucent material used for backlit signage. It comes in a few different thicknesses. Translucent vinyl is used in conjunction with this material.

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* Basic design included. Artwork fees may apply.
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