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Specialty Products

    1. Removable wall graphics. These are printed on a special fabric type of material that can be installed on the wall and then removed and positioned on a different wall. This material is very similar to the material used by Fat Heads sport figures. We have a lot of versatile ideas this material can be used for. Here are a few ideas. You can take a digital photo of you child and tell use how tall they are in the photo. We use the digital photo and produce a life sized print of them. This is great for sports photos. It is also great for graphics that need to stick to a wall and be able to be removed with-out damaging the paint behind them. The prints can be produced up to maximum of 48” wide by any length. The pricing varies based on the final print size.
    2. Magnetic material. We have a very thin magnetic material used for indoor use. This material is 24” wide and allows us to make many different sizes and shaped images. This material is not intended for use on vehicles that will be driven on the road.
* Basic design included. Artwork fees may apply.
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