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Vehicle Lettering & Graphics

Vehicle lettering is a great opportunity for any business or organization to get their business name or message in front of a very large audience. That audience would be anyone you drive by or is in a visible distance from the vehicle. We are blessed to be able to offer graphics as simple as a business name on the doors of a truck all the way to performing a full vehicle wrap. Due to the massive amounts of sizes and options available for vehicle lettering there is a wide price range.

There are several items to consider when making decisions on vehicle lettering.

    1. What is the length of time the graphics need to last?
    2. What is the distance away from the vehicle that the graphics need to remain legible?
    3. What is my budget?
    4. Do I want full color images, solid color images or a combination of both?
    5. What are the most important pieces of information that needs to be shown to your audience? For example phone number, company name, web site or logo. Sometimes the one big mistake a business or organization makes is putting too much info on a vehicle. Too much information on a vehicle can leave your audience not focusing on the main items that they need to remember to make your advertising effective.

When it comes to vehicle graphics there are large selection of products available to use depending on the needs of the project.

Starting with solid color graphics, there are 3 main types of vinyl we use.

    1. Standard vinyl is 3 mil calendared material. It usually has an outdoor durability of 3 to 5 years. Your brighter colors such as red, yellow and orange tend to fade faster than the darker colors. Metallic colors like silver and gold also deteriorate faster than normal colors. This is a great economy choice for vehicles that will not be in service for more than 4 to 5 years.
    2. Premium vinyl is a 2 mil cast material. It usually has an outdoor durability of 7 to 10 years depending on the color. Your brighter colors such as red, yellow and orange tend to fade faster than the darker colors. Metallic colors like silver and gold also deteriorate faster than normal colors. However these colors that fade faster do last longer with this premium material. This type of material is also less prone to shrinking and cracking. This would be your best choice for graphics that need to last as long as possible.
    3. Specialty vinyl's. There are several different types. Some of the more popularly types are reflective, heavy metallic, simulated gold leaf, camouflage, wood grain and many more. Their outdoor durability varies respectfully.

Full color graphics. There are three main types.

    1. Standard printable vinyl is usually a 3 mil calendared type. It usually has an outdoor durability of 3 to 4 years. In this type of vinyl there is also a standard over laminate coat that can be applied to add extra protection against abrasion and fading. This vinyl is ideal for shorter use graphics or economy minded projects.
    2. Premium vinyl is usually a 2 mil cast high performance type. It has an outdoor durability of up to 5 years (according to the manufacturer). Although depending on the maintenance of the vinyl it can last longer. This type of vinyl can also have an additional premium over coat of laminate to minimize abrasion and color fading. In this type there is also an easy apply style available for larger jobs. This vinyl choice is ideal for vehicle raps and graphics that need to go over rivets or uneven surfaces.
    3. Window film also commonly called view through vinyl. This is the vinyl you would use on the windows of the vehicle. It has tons of perforated holes in the material. It is applied to the outside of the windows. It also has a protective laminate overcoat with an optically clear adhesive. Once it is installed the graphics are visible from outside the vehicle but inside the vehicle the window is clear. The vinyl will give the window a tinted look from the inside.

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* Basic design included. Artwork fees may apply.
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